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Useful German Words and Phrases

Learn the basic words and phrases of the German language right here and right now at eBrandenburg for free. All the basic language you might want to use on a vacation or a more extended stay in Germany.

In addition to this list of essential general German words and phrases we have a selection of freely downloadable MP3 audio German lessons together with PDF files. These lessons are divided up into useful subjects and topics.

  • Yes = Ja
  • No = Nein
  • OK = Ist Gut
  • Thanks = Danke
  • Thank you very much = Danke schön
  • Excuse me = Entschuldigung
  • Pardon? = Wie Bitte
  • I'm sorry = Es tut mir leid
  • That's wonderful! = Das ist wunderbar!
  • Achtung = Caution
  • Hello = Hallo
  • How are things? = Hallo, wie geht's?
  • Fine, thanks = Gut, danke
  • Good Morning = Guten Morgen
  • Good Day / Afternoon = Guten Tag
  • Good Evening = Guten Abend
  • Good night = Gute Nacht
  • Bye = Tschuss
  • Good bye = Auf Wiedersehen
  • See you soon! = Bis bald!
  • Please go away! = Bitte gehen Sie weg!
  • I don't like it = Ich mag es nicht
  • I don't understand = Ich verstehe nicht
  • Do you speak English? = Sprechen Sie Englisch?
  • I don't speak German = Ich spreche kein Deutsch
  • Bless you (when someone sneezes) = Gesundheit!
  • Cheers = Prost (when drinking to someone)
  • Enjoy your meal! = Guten Appetit!
  • Where do you come from? = Woher kommen Sie?
  • How much does it cost? = Was kostet es?
  • Could you please speak more slowly? = Können Sie bitte etwas langsamer sprechen?
  • I am English (male) = Ich bin Englander
  • What do you do? = Was sind Sie von Beruf?
  • I am a teacher = Ich bin Lehrer


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